Dear Perfect Person on Facebook

Tonight I read an article about a mother who drowned because she was saving her 2 year old’s life. He had gone overboard and she jumped in after him, holding him on top of her until she couldn’t do it anymore. If I’m being completely honest here, I sobbed like a little baby while reading it. My heart broke into a million pieces as I thought about the sheer horror of all involved. 

I almost moved onto read something more lighthearted before bed, but decided to go down the rabbit hole and read the comments. And that’s when I happened upon yours. And now I’m angry. Why, oh why, do you feel the need to lecture others in the exact moments when they need love and support? Why does it seem as though our world is lacking more and more in genuine compassion and empathy? Are we not teaching our youth and being examples of this enough? How did you get this way??

There is no need to tell everyone that this could have been avoided had they been wearing life jackets. Given that you had to know how to read in order to understand what happened, I’m thinking it’s safe to assume that most people understand this situation without your added expertise. You obviously are an intelligent person, however, the fact that you’re typing out sermons on abiding by the law in a case like this shows me you might not be the most emotionally aware person.

Please tell me a time when you failed miserably and someone said, “You know if you had done this differently, your life wouldn’t suck right now.” and it made you feel better. You were probably in the same group that berated the mom of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure, or one of those that said the boy who was eaten by an alligator in Florida deserved it. Prefacing it with, “My heart goes out to the family, but…” does NOT erase the fact that you are pouring salt in the wounds of the loved ones in these situations. 

Have a little heart, or a lot of heart in your case, and stop pretending you follow every rule and law to a “t” and have never made a mistake. We all have moments of major suckage, where we screw up royally, you included.

Wait, I forgot, you don’t make mistakes because you’re a robot. Step outside of your own bubble and learn what it’s like to be human and maybe next time you can be a little more considerate in your response. 

Good luck.  In the mean time, you might want to hit up Oz and find your missing heart. 


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