So here we are. You. Me. The internet. Let’s get to know each other a little better, shall we?

This blog is my attempt at learning more about the world around me and myself. I’ve always struggled with really knowing me. I have a vague idea of the type of person I am and the skills I want to learn. But that’s just it, aren’t we always dreaming of what we can do or who we can become, but never taking that chance to actually achieve those things? So this is my leap of faith, of vulnerability. I’m laying it all out there for everyone in the web-o-sphere to see and meanwhile I’ll hopefully be able to refine myself in the process.

I had been contemplating writing a blog for some time.  I’ve always loved to write and read. As a child, I’d make my own storybooks out of paper, cardboard, and cement glue. Somewhere along the way, I lost that-making creativity and writing a priority. I became a grown up and had grown up responsibilities that were much more pressing than sitting around writing for the fun of it or discovering new worlds when I was just trying to wrap my head around how to diaper a rolling toddler with a preschooler whining about food in the background. One day, it hit me that I wanted to write. Scratch that. Needed to write. Start a blog. Write a novel. Write children’s’ books-anything! Whatever I decided, I just needed to do it for my own sanity. A novel seemed daunting, a children’s book slightly underwhelming, so there it was, my final solution: a blog.

Sticking with something hasn’t always been my forte; hence the name of this space. I had been mulling over what to call my own little slice of the internet for a few days. Nothing seemed to fit right. Then, one night, it hit me out of nowhere, “The Lazy Hippie”.  Alongside my love for writing and reading, I’ve always absolutely loved the idea of being a hardcore granola girl. The reality though is that it isn’t me, at least not yet. Becoming more self sustaining and eco-friendly is definitely one of my goals on this journey, but not the only one. I worried the word “lazy” would rub people the wrong way, but to me the title, “The Lazy Hippie” seems to encompass me. The tug and pull of my desires and the struggle I seem to have in reaching some of those goals all rolled into one perfect little name. So here it is.

I hope you stick around to join me on this journey. I’m pretty sure we could all do better with some friends to help along the way.



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